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Li-ying zhao live suspected wear a wig?Parietal mat high too abrupt, hair color difference before and after contrast

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

On the evening of May 10, Zhao Liying showed up for a live event of a certain brand.As her first live broadcast since her divorce, the popularity was not only untold, but the live state was also instantly swept up in the hot search list.

On the same day Zhao Li Ying was wearing a white sleeveless dress, and the whole makeup was also very delicate and matched with a black long straight hairstyle<-Good brand sales ranking that looked very gentle.

The live birth picture, though, has exposed her skin state.From the screenshot it can be seen that Zhao Liying's entire face type has a clear sign of widening before, and the two cheeks are recessed, and the collagen seems to drain very seriously.And she had a laugh, and the fishtail and ordinance veins in the corner of the eye were also quite obvious.

Apart from that, theMore attentive netizens found Zhao Li Ying's hair top suspected to have brought a wig.Looking at the screenshot, Zhao Li Ying's skull part hair is very abrupt compared to her usual picture, and it is extremely unnatural to look at it.Moreover, from the color, the skull part hair is red, while the forehead hair is black and the color difference contrast is very obvious, and it is no wonder that the netizen questioned wearing a wig.

However, there is a saying that stars in order to look good and use a wig piece to adjust their hairstyle doesn't count as a very strange thing.After all, the stars work day and night upside down, and still have to face some public opinion pressure, and sometimes naturally there will be some hair loss problems.Even if there is no hair loss problem, the effect of wanting to optimize the head body ratio or create a lot of hair needs to rely on a wig piece.

Earlier Jiang Mengjie had taken off his own wig piece on a certain variety show, and it was very thick with a wig piece, and one took it down, and there was a gap in the hair standout that originally had a great amount of hair.

In "The Sister 3 of the Riding Wave," Xuanlu also used to take out a wig piece to wear, and even the bed could see the figure of the wig piece everywhere, and had to lament that the female star was indeed not easy for the sake of beauty.

Do you think that only a female star used a wig piece?Of course not, the male star is also an army of use for the wig piece.

Huang Xiaoming, in the variety recording of the "Middle Restaurant", has been questioned by netizens as a two-pronged approach of planting fakes.It can be seen from the pictures that he not only sent a lot more dense than before, but also that the problem of intertexline had improved.

The easy-to-close one thousand Seal also uses a small area of wig piece, which is a good hand to increase the hair's hair and keep the hairstyle fluffy.However, this encounter with strong winds can be somewhat awkward, and one careless will have the risk of being blown away.

Actually sometimes if you want to change a styling or mask the problem of your own hair line, you can also use a wig piece like a star to achieve the effect, after all, there won't be any harm to the scalp.But what exactly is the right choice for a wig piece?Today the President will talk to you about this issue.

Choose according to the requirements of the

Before choosing<-Good brand sales ranking a wig piece, you first have to determine what your own needs are.Some people are trying to increase the amount of hair from the visual, while others are trying to embellishate the intertexting line with a wig piece, because the demand is different, so there will be a clear difference in the choice.

Increase the amount of hair with a wig piece.

Everyone knows that picking up the hair is great for scalp damage, however the wig piece is disposable and it is convenient to tear down.Just take a double ponytail, and if you want to have a double-ponytail styling with a lot of stars with the same amount of hair, just have to buckle the clip of the wig piece to the little pill head on which you can get the haircut, and the imma will be able to get a haircut full of joy.

Hide hair quality problems can be made with a pad hair sheet

There are many female students who will have a naturally fine soft hair problem, and this kind of hairstyle for fluffy will be hard to maintain, and it becomes a post-scalp haircut in less than a minute, and it is difficult to see not to say it is still easy to display less.But choose a wig piece to completely hide the fine soft matter of your hair.

Use the fake Liu Sea to hide the issue of the international line

The most common one in the wig is the fake Liu Hai, and it is very suitable for camouflaging<-Good brand sales ranking the interline,It is not too much to say that the savior of the "bald girl" is a point.

In the case of girls, the odds of a boy's haircut are higher, and it appears crucial at this time to use a fake Liu Hai decorationIt is aPeng Yu, who is very much a teenager, basically doesn't have a connection with his wig piece, and the driven picture can see that he was accidentally exposed to his wig piece when he ripped the hair band.Everyone also has to be careful in their daily use so as not to expose their own secrets.

According to the choice of skin color

Try to choose wigs with your own complexion as much as possible when choosing a wig color, so that you can blend better with your own hair, and there will be no defy and sense of looking at it.

The other different skin color also has a difference in hair color,The yellowish Martians suggest to choose a dark ensemble; girls with a darker complexion can choose a light-coloured ensemble, such as brown, etc.

Depending on the material sele<-Good brand sales rankingction, the

Most of the wig pieces on the market can be divided into three categories: full chemical fiber wig, chemical fiber hybrid true hair-made wig, and a hair-piece produced by real hair.

A hair piece made by a real hair is expensive, but it has a long service life, and it can also be hot-dyed, and the sense of use is also very comfortable, and people with less frequent hair start this kind of material to be the most suitable.However, everyone must pay attention to observing the hair when purchasing a wig piece, after all, there are many merchants under the slogan made by real hair but in fact they are overcharged with other materials.At this time it is possible to use the fire to be discerning, and the real hair encounters the fire that will become powdered, and conversely the wig.

It shows that it is also very normal for Zhao Liying to wear a wig for her own image needs, and it is good for everyone to see it sensibly.However, it is also hoped that she will adjust the good condition next time, after all, too-exhaustion will have an effect on the body as well.

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