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Height less than 160 sisters, suggest try Li Qin "fold a revolt", show high thief

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Although Li Qin is a red and small flower in the entertainment circle, she is also a female entertainer who wears a hitch.Her private wear of a ride will always attract attention, and it is not lost to Yang Power, the fashion hot mother.

Li Qinli's figure is already very high-picked, but every time she shows up for a mirror, her wearing hitchhiking is full of caution and will have a high effect from the sight.

Li Qin used to learn Kunqu Opera for many years, so her temperament also always gave people a very classical breath, and all the ancient costumical costums she appeared in gave the audience a deep impression.

Li Qinquan, who showed up at the airport this time, put on a mask and a fisherman's cap, so that the styling highlights a low-key feeling, but instead of blocking her high face value and good temperament, it looks still very much the goddess's demeanor.

The upper short length of the stretch is in proportion to the size of the

Li Qin is a female entertainer who is very much wearing a beware, and when she put on a short version of the blouse, the styling will appear stylish and sucking up.The double layer design will also be more conspicomable, and less than one meter of six sisters can try it.

The looser version is also the one that many young people will choose to wear a hitch, so that the styling highlights the feeling of casual comfort, and it is hard to shelter his young vitality, not sure if you guys like Li Qinthis in a styling?

The high-waisted version of pants is also a very worth-to-start wearing single, comfortable casual again 100 hitch, which is hard to cover her young vitality.The version of the wide-legged pants will also have the effect of sheltering the rough legs, and it is simply not too friendly for the sisters with thick legs.

After wearing a small white<-Good brand sales ranking shoe, this one wearing a hitch is even more refreshing and clean, and it is hard to shelter her young vitality, and it is a great way to start wearing a hitch.This one wearing a hitch is very casual and comfortable, and is ideal for wearing when going out of<-Good brand sales ranking the street everyday.

The broken floral dress is perfect for spring and summer.

Li Qinthough has been running for three, but her temperament and state still remain very sweet and feminine.The styling's styling is hard to cover her sweet teenage feelings, highlighting the sense of a full teenage girl who doesn't know such a Liqin you guys like it?

The broken flower dress of the princess wind is hard to cover her young charm, and the version of the high waist line will also have a high effect.When she put on a black short boot, the styling was more stylish and sucked, and it also adorned her leg type.

The vest wear is also ideal for the hot summer season, which directly highlights her slim arm.The high-waisted version of the dress will also have a high effect, stretching directly the proportion of her stature.

When she put on a pair of black short boots, wearing a ride highlights the feeling of fashion sucking up, and it's still more of a temperament.The black gold mix also makes the styling highlight the advanced sense, and this kind of wearing a hitch is you guys like?

Pink shirt with a sense of sweetness and a touch of beauty.

The white T-shirt is a very classic-based wearing single, and the pair of jeans with dark blue will also appear to be very refreshing and clean, and it is a wearing fit that fits everyday out of the street.

The pink shirt is also a great way to start wearing a hitch.Making the styling more stylish and sucking up, it highlights the sweet teenage girl sensation of Li Qinqin, which is also very much in tune with the background of the cherry blossombe.

Li Qin, who has been out for many years, has always been popular with the masses, sweet and charming, and is still a very powerful female entertainer.

Her wearing clothes are also outstanding, and every time they show up for a mirror, they will show fashion wear and clothing, and the lines of her stature are also very envied.

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