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Tiffany tang flange brands, humiliating to China by netizens poking fun at poor crazy, Yang Ziwu XuanYi done anything about it

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

The development of Tang Yan in the four small flowers is considered relatively poor, and the work of postpartum comeback "Yan Pan-pan", bashing the street is very miserable.Now Tang Yan has taken up the new generation of words, though the brand has had verbally speech before, which led to the current Tang Yan being sped up to pick up the pan-man.Seriously, in recent years, many stars have been the pick-up of Chinese brands, and in addition to now because some brands boycott the new Xinjiang cotton, everyone is very sensitive to the brand of verbally, and Tang Yan really is on the minefield.

The show, "Yan Pan-pan," did not make Tang's postnatal comeback a success, so after the postpartum comeback, her resources were very much less, and this time a deluding brand name was perhaps a way to go, but even if it was going out of the way, this kind of behavior was actually lost to the passers-by.

Whether it is a fan or a netizen, for the Tang Yin Dynasty Verbal Insult Brands are distastefully, spitting Tang Yan is "poor and crazy", "trying to take things too hard", "pinning death on the stigma", "picking up the missing king and giving me the paste", all in all this time Tang Yan really stepped on everyone's bottom line, and being scolded by the spat was also in the midst of love affairs.The repr<-Good brand sales rankingesentative insult brand, for a star, will affect the word of mouth, the word-of-mouth is rotten, and the resources will naturally be less and less after that, even if Tang Yan himself fails to take into consideration that the studio of Tang Yan should be considered for her, otherwise it really is for Tang Yan to dig a pit.

Before, Jiang alienated the brand, but after the brand appeared to be verbally speaking, Jiangsholfilm immediately set up a disapprobation.The practice of Jiang alienation is very rigid, and is also considered a good list, though it seems now that the verbally brand still has a pick up to pick up a pick-up.

In addition to Jiang alienation, some netizens mentioned that before Tang Yan's speech, the brand was Wang Yibo's words, and as a top-stream star, Wang Yibo was also scolded at the time, and knew that it is still considered a black<-Good brand sales ranking spot for Wang Yibo.Now Tang Yan's words and scolding are even more miserable than Wang Yibo, plus the new frontier cotton event has just not been a few days in the past, so everyone is even more infuriant about the Tang Dynasty picking up this generation.

In addition to this, Liu Wen's previous international great brand made an understanding of about the statement after releasing the verbally speech, and once again she never worked together again, but what Wanwan didn't think about was that Yang Puri became the pick-up.

Although Yang Purple has a better resource in terms of film and TV, the resources in fashion are indeed a bit worse, but what Wanwan did not think about is Yang Puri will pick up the words of the verbally brand name.

The international great brand of the previous generation of Yang power also had verbally speech, and Yang power also made the decision to understand about it, but what Wanwan did not think about was that Wu Xuanyi became the latest spokesperson.Although explanations have been made after the brand, this is not an explanation, and making a public good can be redeemable, and hopefully the stars can also lead by example, rather than becoming a pick-up.

Tang Yan is now sort of a minefield on everyone's minefield, and the post-partum comeback failure through "Yan Pan-Pan" has now been followed by the generational words of the Insult Brands, which is still very big for the development after the Tang Dynasty.Seriously, there are still many stars who are the pick-man spokespeople for the verbally brands, and after some brands boycotting the new Xinjiang cotton events, there are also some made to know about it, but there is still a part of the silent voice, and it is no wonder that it will be sped up by everyone and boycotted by everyone.

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