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Strong Zhong Chuxi domineering shu qi aura!Meanwhile in the two, little Jenny pressure is not small

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Photo with the same frame, the sub-high pick is always going to be more colourful, because the sub is high-pick, the limbs are long and the posture is more Shu-Exhibition, and the temperament naturally is even more plus-cuter, so many stars are afraid to take a picture with a high-pick contestant like Zhang Zilinazaleas.

Recently, Shu Qi Zhong Chuxi Zhang Jia-ni's three female stars unveiled a certain event<-Good brand sales ranking together, comparing Shuqi Zhong Chuxi, Zhang Jia-ni appears to be cuddling quite a lot, all of them are on the premise of wearing ultra high heels, Zhang Jia-ni has to be shorter than these two female stars, and such height difference also makes her gas field less than half, and the same field meets these two, and the pressure is really small for the little guy.

So the problem comes, when the little guy meets the tall man, how to pick up some of it?In this edition we will come to talk about this topic.

Shuqi Duanzhuang Atmosphere, Zhong Chuxi Gaoqi, Xiaozang Zhang Jia-Ni Chi Yang Long

Let's first talk about the three female stars of the event ~

The event, three female stars of different age groups deduced three different personal styles.

The 45-year-old Shuqi selected a set of ellie saab 2021 autumn winter series with a dress, matching a set of ancestral green jewels, the overall style end of the atmosphere is not lost, and the identity of the spokesperson is stable at the C position, with a kind of female owner's air potential.

With a hunkered shuqi, as the age growth gas field becomes more powerful<-Good brand sales ranking, the self-style is also gradually clear, whether it is wearing a white shirt or a solemn gown that can pass through the exclusive ambience, and all this is precipitated by the years, and the young girl naturally cannot be more than.

Shuqi is the fashion queen, and Zhong Chuxi is the "tapestry god-pin" of the new Jin Dynasty, and this styling is also the presence of a great exhorting "bell-sister slay".

monot high opening fork black gown with a chain-bar-style white necklace with a large back head and a bell Chuxi meticulously "engraved" muscular lines, avant-garde bully without losing a sense of beauty.

The bell sister told us with practical action that the minimalist design is the trick of the advanced sense.

So the two female stars of the same field, the subcuddling Zhang Jia-Ni is really stressless.

Fortunately the styling team of Zhang Jia-Ni is also very resourcewise.Without and with these two stature high-picks, the top of the clothes with the stylish taste ahead is hard just to spell the gas field, but inst<-Good brand sales rankingead chose to play to the strengths of the little sub.

Compared with Shuqi Zhong Chuxi, Zhang Jia-ni's advantage is that she is cuddling and can be relaxed and cute, which is the temperament that the female stars of these two higher fashion routes do not have.So Zhang JiNi has selected a black princess dress with a bow tie this time, the color is low-key, but the style sweet and cute can optimize the proportion.

The style of the smear is able to show the jewels again, the overall styling is refreshing and sweet, and the overall balance is well-balanced.

Put the three of them together, although Zhang Jia-ni's qi is not hostile to Zhong Chu Xi Shuqi, but the style is sweet and beautiful, giving the feeling of being three beautiful beauties of different styles and very nourishing eyes.

The small group photo wants to be picked out, and it is the key to play the personal unique temperament advantage

An emphasis on the advantages of personal temperament

We often boast that the gas field is very strong and the strong gas field, beside<-Good brand sales rankings the need for interna<-Good brand sales rankingl confidence, also requires external hardware plus holding, head shoulder ratio, height and so on.

Like the gas field like Kate's Big Magic is very strong because she has tall pickers doing support on a beating basis, assuming she's only 158 tall (she's 174 tall), and the skeleton is small, and the gas field is hard to come out ~

So it is hard to say that the small parquet gas field is parquet when the photo is in the same frame.

Taking the example of the red carpet styling of Prince Wen Liu Tao, Liu Tao normally plays without a deliberate emphasis on the gas field, and Wang Ziwen, a small child, probably wants to strengthen the gas field, choosing the padded shoulder dresses concave cool feeling of the spliced suit, and the concave gas field.But in the end the effect was poor and the picture of the two co-boxes<-Good brand sales ranking, like Liu Tao with his daughter walking the school's red carpet, the Prince Wen wearing was a just finished manual job, and the picture would seem strange ~

So on the occasion of needing to take a photo with a tall person, The little guy must not be a strong dent, but choose to play to his advantage, to show that the tall man is not cute and playful, the Or to emphasize the unique spirit of the body, will be very teasingIt is aThis point of Liu Poetry and Zhou Xun is quite good.

In the same frame as Liu Wen, the two stylists have chosen the matching of the optimized proportion of the minimalist, the style is a skillful elegance, a hearse adorable, and the tall Liu Wen group photo each has style, and it will not give people a feeling of being rolled over, but each with all the beauty.

Similarly this group of Liu Poetry and Nicole Kidman as well as photos of the two supermodel coboxes, Liu Poetry also chose to emphasize their own temperament advantages.

At the height of Liu poetry poetry has no advantage at all, she did not choose a long tuxedo + combination of hate days, because the long gown is naturally more suitable for the three tall people next to each other, and wearing hate days high will also have a kind of place where there is no silver 300 or two, after wearing it is still a short feeling of embarrassment.

So she chose short skirts + delicate little high heels, although the increase was limited but the proportion was optimized, plus Qingshuang pellet head pulled high center of gravity again, and was on the side of three European and American stars to show their own gentle and youthful advantage ~

So the small group photo wants to be picked out, and must not choose to go hard and concave, but choose the style that you are best at.

  • Pay attention to the refreshing of the styling.

Pay attention to the refreshing of the styling.

In addition to paying attention to the emphasis on personal style, you must also pay attention to your own styling and refreshing.For the little sub, the ratio is optimized to the maximum extent better than one's pursuit of heightening.

The refreshing makeup hair, clear waist line, lightness and ability to optimize the shoes of the leg lines are a good choice.The set of Liu Poetry Zhou Xun is one of the examples.

In Tongxioxin, Zhang Xuexing, Yang transcends and 191 of Gwendoline chri<-Good brand sales rankingstie's group photo, height is suppressed to death, but the overall styling Qingshuang Zhang Xueying and Yang Beyond are clearly more singled out, and the makeup of Johin is too fussy, and with the addition of black it is very easy to be reduced to a background plate ~

So to sum up, the small group photo wants to be singled out as the main Two points to the point, first of all to keep the overall styling clear and pay attention to the optimization ratio, and secondly to know how to emphasize the individual's temperament advantages and not to be hard concave ~

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