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Greeny about copyright dispute after calling for creators to protect yourself

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Wu Qingfeng sends a long text for a long time

Wu Qingfeng updates the social state of the social state

Entertainment news On May 11, Wu Qingfeng published a long text detailing all of his own past with Lin Wei-chul's copyright dispute, and he bluntly reported that the media report was only the tip of the iceberg, and that he has continuously received countless legal documents from Lin Wei Zhefang for more than two years as "an absurd and offensive, emotional word", which is heartbreaking to him.

Wu Qingfeng said<-Good brand sales ranking that the contract termination agreement signed with Lin Wei Che on December<-Good brand sales ranking, 2018 terminated the three contracts of "songsong copyright, broker<-Good brand sales rankingage, and record", and the public declaration of the termination of the book was a written document that did not renew the contract.But when the previous session was held, Lin Wei-che said that "the word song contract was not found", which led Wu Qingfeng to doubt whether Lin Wei-che had ulterior motives in the beginning.

Wu Qingfeng Tan said frankly that he had thought of losing, but the lawyer advised himself: " You are the first to sing the song you wrote, and there is no precedent.If you don't strive to the end, you will harm the creators who will have the same encounter later."He also said to each of the creators in the article," Hope every young creator remembers that it was about to see the contract clearly in the first place and protect themselves well."

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