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The rivers make Han Guoding shift plan on May 26

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

The Mountain River Order Korea set to open on May

Entertainment news According to South Korean media reports, Korean TV has bought the copyrights and exposed the Mountain River Order set of teaser, which is scheduled to be broadcast on the May 26 "Mountain River Order" in South Korea, which will be broadcast with the original soundp<-Good brand sales rankinglus caption.

The TV series "The Mountain River Order" is a mart<-Good brand sales rankingial arts drama starred by Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun and Zhou, as well as starring Ma Wenyuan, Guo Jiahao, and Huang Yuming.The drama has been changed from the Priest novel, "The Tianya," which tells the story of the Valley Lord Wen-Wen Line and the Zhou Zishu who left the temple's easygoing, because the rivers are involved, acquainted with each other, and the story of walking the world.

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