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"RHOD" reunion trailers, brady crying she finally to her husband's speech allegedly cheating

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

It looks like the 2 part of the reunion of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" will be a real reminder of the tears! Brandi Redmond not only<-Good brand sales ranking addressed the terrible car crash that killed her mother-in-law in October, 2020, but she also finally broke her husbandBryan's, the one that's a part of the) The silence that has been accused of cheating.

" Your mother-in-law. [Jill Marie Raymond, who is the first to be aJill Marie Redmond) ] died in an unfortunate car accident, while your daughterBrinkley (Brinkley for the first time in the)) in the car.What's going on there? " the reunion hostAndy-the one who Andy Cohen, the head of the ... and a "Ask Brandi in the exclusive peep show of the series on May 11.

"They went out to visit the child of my sister, who was leaving her home and was beaten by a 18-wheeled motorcycle," Brandi said." " They were the drugs, the car flipped, and then 18 rounds of the motorcycle fell on them and completely stains the car.She died as we know-it was affected-and Brinkley relied on God's grace to succeed, which was crazy, because she was perfect.She had some fractures to her bones and a bit of scratches.They don't even know how she survived, but she did it."

When Andy and other housewives wiped the tears in their eyes and said "wow," the voice they heard surprised them.

Then, Andy gets into another topic, and Brandy recently dealt with the subject, which is the cheating of her husband." It's not far enough, a video is being played on social media and it has been reported in the Med<-Good brand sales rankingia about your husband Brian Well, and it shows him the club where he is with another woman.How have you been since the advent of that film? " Andy asked Brandy.

"You know, I'm disappointed," Brandy began to say." I knew when that was going to happen.It was held in Las Vegas on my sister's and brother-in-law's bachelor's and bachelor party."

"How long ago did the video go?" and then, Andy asked, Brandy said to him, " It was 2018.However, I am very disappointed by this."Before going on, she burst into tears and said," I'm sorry."

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