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Be scold is worth it!Pan Yangtze river with cargo sales of nearly 100 million, he earns less than Zheng Shuang

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Gazig and Pan Yangtze teachers braved huge public opinion risks to go live to sell the wine, thus it also led to a new idiom pan-friend, so that netizens who watched it were also quite speechless

In fact Pan Yangtze River is old, it is also very natural to turn the line to do live delivery, but the efforts of Pan Yangtze River also have a return

According to statistics, the total belt income of Pan Yangtze River has already reached as high as 96.15 million, approaching the RMB100 million mark.And the income of sound waves, pit-level fees, commissions and so on is even more fiffy, according to Pan Yangtze River, which generally can go to commissions to sell goods for 10% month, after reporting the tax to ten million or some of the personal hands, that is to say even if it is so old, Pan Yangtze's ability to suck gold is still quite astound<-Good brand sales rankinging!

Actually the products<-Good brand sales ranking with the goods are basically more than 5 percent profit.So there are no anchormen with big road goods, they are all tailor-made and partial-door, they cannot be matched with price.It is actually all about profiteering.

Before, some netizens said that Pan Yangtze himself has nothing like a decent piece of work, and the power to hold his own daughter has no effect.The money is enough to enjoy the old age, and it's still so "spelled" what it means, and can only subtract yourself

But now everyone knows why Pan Yangtze is so selling power, although it is said that Zheng Shuang's daily<-Good brand sales ranking salary is as high as 2.08 million, but Pan Yangtze is also not trying to make more, and the media is working for a few hours, and the business risks are not high, especially if it is produced by regular manufacturers, then basically nothing is wrong, just to see how much the anchor can bring in stock

It is being called to persuade Gaga to exhorts Gaga, and this so-called Pan Gaga, in the true sense, refers to the older generations in the industry and the higher seniority of the industry, by bogus advising young people to put themselves in a favorable position to compete in the industry.

Many netizens have also advised Pan Yangtze River, and it's fine enough to get to this age, if it comes out a fool can only state that a problem bottom is still not enough, and people have a camouflage and publicity component

Although star live selling can be totally fine, but can't sell fake goods and problem goods, once they are found to be severely punished, how many doubLe Pen<-Good brand sales rankingalties will be sold

Except for the Pan Yangtze River, as long as it makes money, the face is not important.Feel like money can be about as much as you can?How much of it is enough to count?

But if it's really a month to be able to account for the ten million level, it is estimated that many people want to come to live with the test<-Good brand sales ranking water, after all, after many stars have passed the gas, they have less revenue sources and have such a good project, who is not eye-red

In front of money, celebrities are the same as ordinary people, and greed and money is a good thing to be able to look like a selfie, and today's society has no money really good

But Pan Yangtze is actually quite worthless, and he sacrificed his 40 years of laborious accumulated audience edge, and the face of the old artist, who is short of money?There is no shortage, a variety of character walkers are also casual<-Good brand sales rankingly accounted for, and now that the direct face is lost, the future will also affect the program of the various TV stations to say goodbye to him, when the leeks are repeatedly cut back on their head and do not buy this financial road one break, it is really a loss of the wives and the other

The original intention of the live broadcast was to share affordable or quality goods to friends, and now it is the special pit old iron and the family people

Even if Pan Yangtze River earned much more, it was even more than Zheng Shuang, and how could it last?

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