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"False top flow" by real?Zhang Zhehan new songs online unsolved must 8 hours, to has a fiasco

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Recently this time netizen ticket elected a "new top flow", in which the great name of Zhang Zhehan is in the column! then this wave of heat Zhang Zhezang recently released his own brand new single, "Surrounding".

The new song went online for 1 hour, and the total sales reached almost 5 million! it can be said that this achievement is indeed pretty good!

However, 8 hours in the past, the sales of the single have also reached only 6 million, not surprisingly, which is already the "upper limit" of the sales of the single.

Just what everyone didn't expect was that the peer of Zhang Zhehan this time "to the mark" was another "top-flow" Wang Yibo!

Zhang's vast new song went online for up to 8 hours but sold only more than two million, but Wang Yibo's new song went online and sold more than fourteen million Zhang, two of them a whole 7 times worse.

However, Wang Yibo's new song comes online for more than 5 months, so the contrast seems not very fair! but in general, the top flow is new, and sales are almost certain to be within 24 hours.

Originally Wang Yibo's new song released just 1 min, and just sold more than two million, and the 1-hour sales even reached 9 million, and it can be said that Zhang Zhehan is really a miserable loss to Peuwang Yibo.

As a result, many netizens who watched the fun of the show said that Zhang Zhehan will not be a fake top stream, right?But Zhang Zhehan was originally an actor, and Wang Yiboben is the love bean<-Good brand sales ranking!

And how do you guys look at this?

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