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Make life beautiful, revealing a single state also want to marry birth to children

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

On May 11, the show "Let life look good 2" released a talk video of Zhang Baizhi and guest Zhang Xinyu on the official Weibo account of the show.In the video, Zhang Baizhi's self-exposure is not a single state, it also reveals that three children are too few and want to have young children for marriage.This video has attracted the attention of many netizens, and discussions among many netizens under related topics have been speculating on who exactly is Zhang Baizhi's current partner status?And then just take a look at it with the little ones.

Recently, the second season of "Let life look good" is back again, and "Let life look good for the second season" is a live observation class reality show produced by Tencent Video Out, Penguin Film and TV and Japan Moon Jonlight Joint R&D.The program is composed of Zhang Baizhi, Wu Xuanyi, Shen Mengchen, Yang Li, and several female artists of different age in different fields. The program takes "Her Life, Just Good Look" as the concept, focuses the perspective on single women at various ages, and shows the attitudes and expressions of modern women for life's diverse lives by presenting diverse women's real, independent, and diverse lives and work.As early as in the previous edition of the show, the guest Huang Ling has been exposed to is not single, and is currently in a state of having a boyfriend, very firmly stated: I certainly have a boyfriend, I would say no, you guys believe it?

Also, the two-lane<-Good brand sales ranking setup of the observation room + reality show adopted by the program in the form, and several guests in the reality show can be a great place to talk about love marriage, talk about inner pressure, and share life insights.The guests and moderators in the observation room can explore exchanges with each other, but will not be looked at and said to be taught.

Just in the latest edition of the official teaser released by the show, Zhang Xinyu, along with Zhang Xinyu, who joined in the "Sister of the Wind Breathing" 2, appeared together on the camera to face a straight ball question from Zhang Xinyu: "Is it single now?" said Zhang Baizhi, who said that you are too direct.Although the tension still made his own answer, it was said that it didn't matter when Zhang Xinyu told the staff at the back that this section cut out.For Zhang Xinyu again asked if he had any intention of getting married again.Zhang Baizhi replied, " If that person really loves me and needs me very much and would love to be married to me, I would like to.After getting married, I also really want to have a kid again because I think three are too few."

After this segment was broadcast, many netizens were in favor of Zhang Baizhi's approach, saying " Sister Berge is really good for little kids Oh, already the mother of three children, which is still young and beautiful to be confident, and having to say that sister is still really a good mother." " "Zhang Baizhi is worth a girl, isn't it?"

It is learnt that Zhang Baizhi, who divorced from Tse and gave birth to a third child in 2019, did not expose the child's biological father status, this time Zhang Baizhi expressed his wish to have children for the marriage, and the visible feelings are still very sweet.

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