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Lu Han live said make-up regardless of gender in response to boys niang gun

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

On May 9, the deer Han made his own views on makeup issues as well as on the makeup of guys when he was broadcast live, saying that makeup is not gender-neutral and that they like it well, sparking a heated discussion among netizens.What exactly is one thing, just take a look at it with the little ones.

Recently, Luhan participated in the live broadcast of the brand activities of a certain cosmetic skin-care product, during which the host asked questions during the host's question session: "Now makeup is not only<-Good brand sales ranking something girls pay attention to, a lot of guys will also pay attention to this information" when asked about the views of Luhan on this.Deer Han picked up the talk and revealed his attitude, saying: "I think it is necessary, the makeup is not gender-neutral and everyone can, as long as they like it".

This is also the response of the deer Han to some black powder, and the deer Han has since gone out of the way because of the long phase clear show, which is very girl-related, and has a strong eye makeup and makeup in the Han Men's College period, and will wear makeup on many work occasions after returning to China.This is also being used by a lot of spitting deer, the son of a bitch.Lu Han's remarks are perhaps exactly the response to these questions, and since the small fresh meat of the entertainment circle has been very popular in recent years, there are very many cute types in young male entertainers, many of them are white and tender little fresh meat, and the frequency of male artists' makeup is getting higher and higher, which is considered by many netizens to be lacking in masculinity.The topic of "makeup regardless of gender" said by Luhan has triggered a heated discussion among many netizens, and also landed the first place of the Weibo heat search.Many Lukhan's fans and netizens are very much in agreement with Luhan's view that now equality between men and women should be supported as long as they are good for their own image, and that they can make themselves happy and don't hinder others, netizens are straight out: "Three views are good, and everyone has the right to choose beauty."" " The makeup is gender-neutral and the delicate boy is more of an eye." However, there are also many netizens who do not agree with this statement and think that it has guided the society to overmakeup and that it is too much for the boys.

Deer Han has always had ultra-high popularity in South Korea, and after returning home from South Korea, the popularity has always been in the top-stream position in the entertainment circle.Whether it's a concert or a movie and TV variety, business resources are on the front line.In recent years, the development of Luka's career has also become more and more stable, with certain achievements in music, film and television and variety, and for film and television, after experiencing the group ridicule of "Shanghai Fortress", with the TV series "Crossing the Line of Fire" "Crossing the Line of Fire", the vivid acting skills in the two film and TV productions have been recognized by everyone, and have successfully proved themselves.

How do you view the remarks made by the deer yesterday?

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