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Meet the dragon was started poking fun at Wang Hedi ZhuXuDan ultra-high appearance level beyond repair

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

On May 10, the ancient dress TV series "Encounter Dragon" starred by Wang Hesti and Zhu Xudan was first broadcast on the Tencent Video Platform, which was originally a mix of handsome and beautiful women, but was very much raised by a lot of spit on the day of the first sowing, what was going on?What is the point of everyone spitting up the groove?What story did the TV show "The Dragon" tell, and what is the end of the story of the story of the dragon king and the little girl streaming firefly?Just take a look at it with the little ones.

The TV series "Encounter Dragons" has been changed from the big hot orange light game play "The Stars in the Stars", because the game has a large audience group, and the previous game, "The Stars of the Inverse", has also adapted the TV drama, which was starred by Song anecdote, in which Song anecdote played the stream firefly received by everyone, and was concerned when the TV series "The Dragon" was opened, and yesterday "The Dragon" official announced the incident, and it attracted much attention when it was not yet unopened.

The TV series "The Encounter Dragon" mainly tells the story of Xiaogirl's current firefly who has saved the enviroide of the Dragon, who was in the process of preparing the newspaper, and the two were secretly in love at the time of getting along, after which the two men missed out on the first, after which Wei Chi Long Yan decided to guard the streaming firefly in Sansheng III, and the pair of miserable love stories still unable to be connected by the two of the two.

Both starring in their first time as publicity for their new play, Wang Hesti, who played Captain Wei Longyan through his own Weibo account, said, "In a combative way, life only takes care of you one person", "all you want look like, this seat can change", "It's better to be alone for several years<-Good brand sales ranking, than to accompany you", "laughs meet, and the Four Sentiments are still shallow"; even close friend Di Ligeba is also on personal Weibo and Wang Hesti, and even close friend Di Ligeba is also making the best wishes for the best wishes: "I'm still trying to say, but I still want to say, ... you shouldn't meet dragons, you should meet me".

Yesterday evening, the show successfully surpassed the Mountain River Order on the first day of online to get the results of the third in real time heat.Although the ratings are still pretty good, a lot of netizens have sped up about the show, and many of them are one-star, two-star poor reviews.

Did you watch the TV show for the show?What do you think of it?

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