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With 52 of the company's 86 version of the red boy, let star high paid a "joke"

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

The Red Child, as one of the classic characters in "Journey to the West," a lot of people<-Good brand sales ranking once starred in it, though to say to one of the most classic versions, everyone would think about the 86-year-old version of the red child in the same way.The actor playing this version of the Red Child, named Zhao Xinpei, was only 8 years old when he appeared in this role at the time.

The age is small and the acting is not greyish, and with the ultra-spiritual performance, the character of the red child is carved into a third of the wood.The phrase "Are you a soldier sent by a monkey?" has also become his classic line of words, and is often used by everyone to ridicule people who are not smart about doing things.

Because the character went too far, Zhao Xinpei, after this, received a lot of advertising pronounsals, but he did not have the choice to continue to stay in the entertainment circle to develop, and instead returned to his studies at the right age.Today not only is academic success, but the achievements in the cause are also remarkable.

Today he is not just a PhD in the CAS, but also sits on 52 companies and is a veritable tycoon.

When this news was just reported, many people had a skepticism<-Good brand sales ranking about this, yet the CAS came out to confirm that Zhao Xinpei was indeed a very good person.

What makes a star's high pay is a joke.

Some time ago, Zheng Shuang was exposed to the film that took 77 days to shoot, and it was possible to get 160 million pay and earn up to 2.08 million of daily income, which quickly triggered a lot of dissatisfaction among the youth of the social and livestoc<-Good brand sales rankingk industry.Everyone said: finally know why there are so many people who are flocking to the entertainment circle.

Comparing Zhao Xinpei's situation we will find that the so-called 160 million-piece reward seems to become a joke.

Regardless of how high the annual revenue of Zhao Xinpei as a CAS doctor is, the 52 companies he owns, the running water can reach several RMB100 million per year.

The so-called RMB160 million, which is not worth mentioning at all in front of such income, is most important that all this money is earned by the fruits of its own labor, and even if it is sitting on more than 100 million property, it will not make people feel very sour, because his ability is directly proportional to his income!

The star of the entertainment circle, while having a high income, is always under the supervision of everyone, and the living details family environment emotional life will become the object of everyone's curiosity, and such a life has no privacy to speak of.How about even sitting on a more than 100 million-piece pay?It is especially hard to live on a daily life.

If the ability to highlight can still barely convince the crowd, but if the ability is in general, it will accept various kinds of criticism, and if which day is overturned, it may still face a huge amount of payouts.

So the high income of the note star is actually really nothing to envy, and on the contrary it is Zhao Hingpei's sprinkle, which makes people feel so admired.

Excellent people have left the entertainment circle and it's excellent.

There are quite a few children out of the way, and as they grow older, the Yan value keeps falling, and without being cute as a child, they lose their competitiveness in the entertainment circle.Yet they remain committed to groping and rolling in the entertainment circle, hoping that the opportunity can be obtained by increasing exposure.

There is no denying that the attitude they strive for is admirable, but they seem to narrow their path of life.

Zhao Xinpei's things tell us that excellent people can become very good even if they are away from the entertainment circle.Not everyone is able to go from a child star to a star, and it is also a good development to leave the entertainment circle to complete their studies in due time.

There are many other things and cases like Zhao Xinpei, and the leaves are also such a character that she starred in her role as a child and lied to a lot of viewers' tears.He similarly did not choose to develop in the entertainment circle and has now become an excellent graduate of Tsinghua University.

The experience of the contrast below Yooran and Cao Jun is a bit of a thrill for some.Cao Jun, of the Paullian lamp period, is a metaphor for the incense of the household name, but then there is no other role to make a circle after that.If he leaves the entertainment circle in due time, perhaps it is now possible to build a tree as well.

Yu Haoran's experience is even more frustrating and it cannot be denied that he is very cute and very cute when he has a child's time.However, over time, his face value was really some of a collapse.In the age of looking at faces, his value like this is not suitable for the development of entertainment circles.

However, he chose to stick to the film and TV star this road, taking the photo of the gaokao, and repeatedly being brought up by everyone to throw up.Even if it succeeded in staying in the circle, it would only be able to play some of the matching corners in the small cost network drama.Can't get the income and get famous, to the bottom picture or something?

There are many paths to success, and if they are trapped<-Good brand sales ranking by themselves on a road, the things that are accessible will also become rare.To raise your own realm in due time and allow yourself to go to the broader sky, is not a suitable choice.

There is no denying that the entertainment circle's money has come true quickly, but not everyone is necessarily fit for the entertainment circle, even if slightly famous as a child, and only able to become cannon fodder in the entertainment circle if there is not enough luck.

It would be better to change the mood, change a universe and start to break again.

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