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How amazing the Xia Jiasan daughter?Actor is very paste, actress was mixed is very good

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

Now, occasionally, the drama is endless, and the storyline is very raw, and it is known at the beginning to know the end.Go back to see the episolike drama before, and the contrast will find that the previous puppet show was really brilliant, no wonder it could usher in one more viewing climax, and "The Xia Family three thousand King" was one of them.

Speaking about Xia's three thousand gold, the TV series is really amazing and comes<-Good brand sales ranking up with a very interesting phenomenon.The male actors who starred in the TV series were all very vague, and the actresses were all mixed up with the wind.So, what about the men and women actors in this film and TV show today?

Qiu Ze

The role of Qiu Ze in the play is strict, and what is played in the play is a sea homage, a young and promising character.The show and Tang Yan are a couple, and the show also used to come together, though at the end of the day the relationship ended with a break-up.Since then, Qiu Ze, the name, has started to become synonymous with slag men.

The emotional side experience is not smooth and the career side has suffered repeated setbacks, and today Qiu Zhe can only become the male owner of the online drama, and last year she participated in the online drama of the Tang People's Street Tank, but did not raise any water flowers.Nowadays his career can only be described with a no-warm-no-fire, gradually disappearing from the view of the audience.

The fact that Qiu Zhe originally had a handsome appearance is something that can be taken up in the entertainment circle, but since it was defined as a slag man, the word of mouth has fallen.For an actor, human products are far more important than their appearance, and treating feelings of affection is not possible to win the recognition of the audience.

Chen Chuhe

Chen Chuhe, who played in the play, is a bellgoer who is emotionally entangling with both women and is an uncompromising slag man.After starring in this role, Chen Chuhe started to become a male master of many film and TV plays, and the most impressive thing is "The Tianya Moon Blade", and the Chen Chu River is handsome and well suited for such an ancient costume Grand-Man character.

In fact, the most legendary place on the body of Chen Chuhe lies not in his acting career, but also in his identity, the organization where his father is located, and even when he met with Huaqiang, he wanted to head down the head.And the Chen Chu River, at the father's funeral, has been so enthrilling since he publicly refused to inherit the ten million property.

Each actor's career is limited, and as he gets older, he is able to cast fewer roles.Today's Chen Chu River, already a -year-old, is still outstanding, but only enough to play a worthy role in the film and TV drama, and the recent situation can be said to be a boon.

Xu Zhengxi

Xu Zhengxi played in the play as a strict brother, Yan Liheng, and Xia-friendly, who starred in Qi Wei, had an emotional line, though eventually did not come together.Xu Zhengxi's five officials are solid and in a very good shape, and they began to be models when they were 05 years old, and 05 years more won the supermodel.

It is a pity that his appearance did not allow him to mix in the entertainment circle such as the fish to get water, and the role that has always been, is just the matching corner.In addition to the "Xia Family three thousand Gold", the most out-of-the-loop character is the Yu Wen-guard in "Solitude," and the feelings betwee<-Good brand sales rankingn the people and the Anashixuan have cheated a lot of viewers with tears.

Wanting to be in the early twenties in the entertainment circle, besides having the acting and the face value, a suitable opportunity is also important.An actor who is unlucky at a time, and how to work hard again, is only able to become a worthy corner.Nowadays his acting skills are already very mature, and what is missing is a script that can be counterattacked, expecting that in the future he can be great in exotics.

A piece of the lemon

The one played by Zhang lemon in the play is Yang Zhenzhen, who is a kind hearted downhill gold, and the one at this time, the face makes the person look very comfortable, even if it is not considered the closed-moon-shy flower, and the standard novelist Beyyu.It's just a pity that she chose to move on her own face because of some negative comments.

In the wake of this, the face begins to gradually become stiff and the performing arts career is falling.In recent years she has seen a sudden turnaround in her life, taking part in the "The Birth of an Actor" to regain the attention of the general public with an excellent performance and tantrun attitude.

The most important thing is that meets a person who truly loves her little five and is sweet and happy in her everyday life.For a girl, it doesn't matter whether the cause aspect can be a big red fire, and being able to meet someone who truly is to be yourself is most important.So today's Zhang lemon is also considered a life winner.

Qi Wei

The character name Qi Wei played in the play is called Xia-friendliness, and is a person who once went astray for love, fortunately she finally meets true love.Qi Wei's career fully blossomed, apart from being an acting superb performer, or a beauty and makeup blogger on the line of clothing, at the same time as a singer.

Her life was also very happy, married to Lee Seung-hyun from South Korea, and the couple's feelings were good, along with the crystalline luckiness of love.The husband is very much in love with her, and the daughter and her like the same mold are carved out, and the happy family lives to be the envy of the people.

Such a happy family and a perfect career, all thanks to her gentless character and generous recognition of her own entire capacity, this confidence and tantrun is something that every girl should have to learn.Independent and confident, Qi Wei is now living the appearance that many people envy.

Tang Yan

The Tang Yan played in the play was a simple and kind summer beauty, and the naive and sweet people set out to make a deep impression.With this role, Tang Yan gradually became a hot female star in the entertainment circle, with a lot of fans, and was one of the most red fiery flowers after 85.

Yet the most envied place on her body, or the marriage between her and the Luo Jin, the two used to work together several times and eventually led to the marriage hall as a result of the show.Now with the crystallization of love, and also being spoiled by her husband as a little princess and mentioning the lover at the ceremony, she can't help but change to the eye of the stars.

The best mix among the three female masters is Tang Yan, and not only has the popularity been high, but it also has a happy and happy marriage.Of course all of this with her excellent is also no way off the relationship, and after marriage still able to maintain a beautiful figure, she also has a supergood personality.

The small knot:

This is the current status of the "Xia Family three thousand King" a few starring stars, and a few of the male actors mixed up are not particularly ideal, someone who doesn't warm up in the entertainment circle, someone who doesn't get a suitable role because of the upper age, and others because the scum men set up lost word-of-mouth.

The recent situation of several female owners is quite good, and the one that once mired in the whole crisis, meets the little five that really hurts to love her.Qi Wei, who has a strong character, has a happy family life.The most envied is still the Tang Yan, the career full blossom, and is also spoiled by my husband to be a little princess.

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