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"Perfect his" premiere, the plot is very old, He Luoluo acting pass, generation of philipponnat was fun

Source: Internet  Time:2021-05-11

5.11 day is the day of the new drama "The Perfect He" debut, the drama from the name sounds like a sweet<-Good brand sales ranking pamper drama, and generally like a sweet and flattering drama today, the plot veteran is one of the inevitable, but the show can be said to have subverted the senses and the plot, although the old set, but gives people a sense of immediate light, and the plot revolves around the virtual boyfriend, combining the current TV series to see that such a plot is also a handful of existents, and the story is to look at the full point.

The plot was very fast and direct to the subject, the director of the show had seen many of his works before the middle and middle Taiwanese puppet theater famous directors before they had a low viewership, and thought the show was also, the show started with the female owner's background, including that she was unemployed she lost her love and so on, and from the beginning it didn't directly account for these, and the interesting part of the show was also the guest of comedy Yang Di, who had to say that Yang Di you were really too parable, and now he could still run to the occasional drama guest to string one, and when he played it was to sell the virtual boyfriend to the female owner,The result is that the female owner still doesn't buy the account because the female owner started out as having a boyfriend only to be split up later in the later plot.

The interesting place for the show lies in the fact that the daughter of the female owner bought this virtual boyfriend for his daughter, followed by the virtual man played by He Lolo, and in order to satisfy the female side that the big meal was again a delive<-Good brand sales rankingry to the supermarket, of course the female owner also knew that these were virtual things that didn't care so much.But as the plot pushed through, there was a very strange scene, which was why the male Lord, played by He Loo, suddenly appeared in the reality of the woman's side?The male owner also took the female Lord as a shield to hide from the pursuit of his own, and in order to dodge the group He Lolo's portrayal of the male Lord presented his own screen first kiss at the beginning of the show.In addition, the female master's styling in this show is in a nutshell, especially when wearing glasses is completely unrecognised, giving people a very ugly feeling, and picking up the spectacle face value is online.

In combination with the drama of the show, the encounter of the female Lord is particularly like the plot of a drama in Taiwan, which is to facilitate the posting of girls, and the female main job has gone without love, but has encountered the princ<-Good brand sales rankinge who has set himself up.The TV series that came out in the middle was such a plot that the old set was the old set, but the plot was the presence that made the person very much in the head.The show has been nothing hot for the time being, thinking that it will heat up slowly to the normal level afterwards! In addition, the evaluation of the bean petals after the show has shown the existence of polarization, and the people who have seen it say what exactly is going on with the show?

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